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About Sultry Studios

Sultry Studios has been teaching the performance of Pole Fitness and Sensual Dance since 2006.
We offer classes in Aerial Silks; Pole Fitness , Sensual Dance as well as Conditioning Classes for Women and Men over 18's in a fun and safe environment.

Our classes are all about having fun while working out and learning some new skills. This is a studio where you can feel free to arrive in your old tracky pants and slippers! ☺
(Our motto: If it's not fun: you're at the wrong place!)

For the younger generation we have a full PoleNastix program. These classes incorporate the acrobatic component of Pole tricks, but have none of the sensual nature of our adult classes. This is primarily a gymnastic Pole and Acro /floor dance class for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17.

We offer small groups and optional opportunities to compete and perform.
Tuition in doubles tricks and performances is part of the curriculum.

Why Dance?

These styles of dance help to increase flexibility, aiding with joint and muscle movement.  Stretching is a large component of classes, and posture and body alignment are greatly improved. Classes assist greatly with weight loss and all over body toning. Fitness levels and dance stamina are increased substantially. With all classes you achieve increased muscle tone, definition and strength.

On a personal level the confidence that is gained through Pole, lap and sensual dance is unparalleled to any other fitness program - Not only in body acceptance but also in the exhilaration of achieving new heights and goals.

These styles of dance teach you to feel great about yourself, by achieving what you thought was the impossible!

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