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GabbiKids PoleNastix - Hoops; Silks & Pole

Parents - These classes are available either just for your kids, yourself or as something fun for you to do together!

Our PoleNastix classes offer mixed aerial classes for kids and adults. We focus on aerial hoops; aerial silks and vertical pole fitness. From beginner level upwards. There is NO sensual aspect in these classes, so you can both have fun without any awkward moments! ;)

Classes are covered during school holidays, so you won’t need to miss out.

Various pricing options including contracts; class bundles & drop in classes.

Boys and girls from ages 12 – 17 allowed. No previous experience is necessary.

We offer 1:1 classes and choreography should your child be interested in competing in any aerial events or competitions, but this is not compulsory.

Class times:

  • Monday 5:30pm mixed aerial (alternate weekly between hoops and silks)
  • Monday 6:45pm Flexibility training
  • Wednesday 6:45pm Mixed Aerial  (alternate weekly between hoops and silks)
  • Thursday 9am Flexibility training
  • Thursday 8pm Aerial Silks 
  • Friday 9am Mixed aerial  (alternate weekly between hoops and silks)
  • Saturday 8am - Pole Fitness
  • Saturday 9:15am – Mixed aerial (Alternate weekly -Hoops and silks)


Drop In classes:  R150 pp (payable on arrival).
Registration fee: R200 (not payable if signing up on your first class)
5 x class taster = R650 (2 months to use)
10x class taster (3 months to use)

Contract Rates:

2019. Price per month

Minimum 6 months.
Can be paid via monthly debit order
or upfront.

Minimum 3 months
Payable via monthly debit order
or upfront

1 x class per week

R400 p/m

R440 p/m

2 x classes per week

R540 p/m

R580 p/m

3 x classes per week

R680 p/m

R720 p/m

For pricing on more classes per week, or upfront payments, please contact us.
10% discount on 12 months contracts paid upfront.

Bundles and contracts are allocated per person and may not be shared!

 Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if we can assist you with any questions or to become a member! 

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