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Natalie Knee hold          

Pole Fitness

We offer classes from beginner – advanced Level.

During your journey, you will build strength unparalled to any other sport.
All new students without prior experience start on our "Intro to Pole" level where you start with floor work; spins and poses to build up some strength before moving onto the trickier elements.

Our beginner pole syllabus includes working on some new spins; climbing and inverting on the pole, as well as mastering some great tricks from there. 

Building up to intermediate and advanced phase, you will achieve what you previously thought was impossible! During this level, you will start stepping up your skills; flow and combination moves. Handsprings; 1 hand elements; aerial dead lifts and drops are all in the cards.

It’s a journey that requires patience and dedication, but the rewards are worth it!

We have themes within the month to keep it interesting, such as doubles; student play; routines and more.

Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration!